Hotel Cilene is located in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Italy, in Versilia in Viareggio, a few steps from the beach and in front of the Pinewood of Ponente and near the most exclusive beaches of Tuscany: Forte dei Marmi, Lido di Camaiore , Viareggio.
Artistic jewels such as Lucca, Pisa, Pietrasanta, Torre del Lago Puccini are just a few kilometers from the Hotel, Florence, the Cinque Terre, the Carrara Marble Quarries, Siena, Volterra and many other characteristic towns and villages are within easy reach.
Hotel Cilene is also within walking distance of the center of Viareggio, the train station can also be reached on foot, and you can also visit local attractions such as the carnival citadel and the Matilda Tower and the wonderful Promenade.
We also wait for you during the Carnival period to admire the Pharaoh papier-mache carriages known all over the world.

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Below you can visit the fascinating images of the surrounding areas

Port of Viareggio

Port of Viareggio

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Parco di Collodi

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If you have children, very nice and fun is the Pinocchio Park in Collodi
Parco di Collodi

Museo di Leonardo a Vinci

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The exhibition of the "Machines of Leonardo da Vinci" is located in the center of the city, in one of the most famous streets of Florence.
  The exhibition of the "Niccolai Collection" Florentine Artisans is composed of over 50 models, many of which can be used in their operation, distributed in four rooms: a large room, where you can find the civil machines, one dedicated to the machines of the flight , another to war machines and the latest to the collection of anatomical models. The interactive museum is particularly suitable for families and schools. But very important for those who want to deepen the engineering knowledge of the great genius.
  Inside the museum you can view the documentary on Leonardo's life and works on a large screen.
  The museum also has a "Caffè Michelangiolo" dining area, which has an agreement with the entrance of the exhibition and a bookshop full of publications and gadgets.
Museo Leonardo da Vinci

Acqua Park Cecina

The aquatic village of fun

In Cecina, immersed in the Etruscan Coast, you can discover a corner of Hawaii immersing yourself in the water park, nominated as the best water park in Italy at the ParksMania Awards.
At Acqua Village Cecina you will find a right mix of adrenaline and relaxation suitable for an audience of all ages.
Hundreds of meters of slides! News 2018: Loko, the fire slide, a journey to the center of the volcano of Lua Pele, the island of volcanoes, thanks to the 3D Projecting mapping technology. And again Moku, the Island of children by Pago, a swimming pool with playground and slides suitable for children!
Under the Hawaiian umbrellas you will hear the call of the volcano-theater Mauna Loa with the show Aqua Mantica which hosts international acrobats.
Wai, the fun circus school for children with activities and games, in collaboration with the Mantica circus school.
And then many dining options to satisfy all tastes! And before leaving, go to the Photo Village and choose your souvenir photo!
Acqua park Cecina

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Le 5 Terre

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The Cinque Terre (Çinque Tære in Liguria) is a jagged stretch of coast of the Eastern Ligurian Riviera (Riviera spezzina) located in the province of La Spezia between Punta Mesco and Punta di Montenero, in which there are five villages or, as we said in ancient times, lands, listed here from west to east: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore.

Since 1997 they have been on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, with the following motivation:

«The eastern Ligurian coast of the Cinque Terre is a cultural landscape of exceptional value that represents the harmonious interaction established between man and nature to create a landscape of exceptional quality, which shows a traditional way of life millennial and that continues to play a leading socio-economic role in the life of society. "

Thanks to the geographical and anthropological characteristics of the territory where they are located, the Cinque Terre are considered one of the most evocative Italian coastal attractions, due to their hilly and rugged natural hilly landscape, softened by the construction of terraces or bands for the culture, which falls towards the sea ??with steep slopes; in the points where the sea snakes its way into the earth, the villages rise up, articulated to follow the natural shape of the hills.

Over the centuries, the work of man has shaped the territory by building the famous terraces on the slopes at sea, due to the particular agricultural technique aimed at exploiting as far as possible the soils placed on a steep slope that slopes towards the sea, he has done so one of the most characteristic and fascinating landscapes of Liguria.
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